Healing & Deliverance Conferences

The Healing & Deliverance Conference begins with a reading from Revelation 12:7–12 that explains the history of Satan and his vast army of fallen angels. Other Scripture passages from the Book of Genesis are used to describe how evil operates. Readings from Luke 9:1–2 & Luke 10:17–19 are used to describe our authority in Christ, and how we can use that authority to drive evil spirits out of our sphere-of-influence.

Because demonic spirits gain access to our lives through five common entrance points, the following entrance points of sin, deception, unhealthy relationships, idolatry and the lack of forgiveness will be discussed throughout the conference. This conference usually lasts six hours and starts at 9 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m.  

Part I — The first access point is sin. In this section, Robert Abel shares a testimony about his encounter with a demonic spirit that occurred over twenty-five years ago.  When Robert was praying with a friend for deliverance on the phone, he said, “Bring it on! I hereby put myself on the Lord’s operating table,” As soon as Robert prayed that prayer, a demonic presence appeared right in front of him. He could see it with his spiritual eyes. It looked like a transparent piece of film that was covering his entire body. When the spirit of the Lord struck the demon down, it folded in half.

Robert describes this experience in his book entitled The Catholic Warrior by saying, “It was the most horrible, filthy presence I had ever encountered. It was like a black hole of pure hate that was invading my space. My first reaction was that of great violation. It was trespassing. An unwanted intruder not only appeared in my house, but it had attached itself to my person like a filthy leech.”

After the Lord opened Robert’s eyes to the existence of the demonic, he had a choice to make—would he embark on a healing journey with Jesus, or would he fall back into the same old pattern of sin and confession? Because Robert was serious about his sanctification process, he embarked on a healing journey with the Lord. It was through this process that Robert is able to impart many valuable lessons, which includes our need for holiness, the sacrament of confession, the sanctification process, and a complete act of contrition.

Part II — Another way demonic spirits gain access to our lives is through deception. In Genesis 3:17, the devil was able to deceive Adam and Eve with a lie. According to John 8:44, the devil is a “liar and the father of lies.” Because God’s truth has the power to set people free, this section of the seminar offers many examples of the devil’s deception, including how the devil disseminates lies through the Internet, television and mainstream media. Because God’s truth has the power to set people free (John 8:32), this section of the conference concludes with a call for action and our need for the daily reading of Sacred Scripture.

Part III Another access point the devil can use to influence our lives comes from unhealthy relationships. When we enter into an unhealthy relationship, we make ourselves vulnerable to another person, and by doing so, we give that person the ability to influence our actions and decisions. Often times, unhealthy relationships can led to sexual sins, including fornication, infidelity within a marriage, unwanted pregnancies and divorce. Because the sin of fornication creates sexual bonds between two parties (as per 1 Corinthians 6:1320), this section of the conference focuses on the importance of sexual purity within our relationships and concludes with a prayer to break unhealthy sexual soul-ties that have been formed in the past.

Part IV — The lack of forgiveness is another sin that allows evil to operate in our lives. In this section of the conference, Robert describes how the consequences of our parent’s sin can be passed down to the third and fourth generations as per Exodus 20:56. In Robert’s situation, he wasn’t born with a critical spirit—he was created in the image and likeness of God. When Robert was a little boy, he received a lot of criticism from his father, and very little unconditional love, emotional support and encouragement.

All during Robert’s childhood, his father’s hurtful words became repressed in his subconscious and changed his God-given, natural programming. To restore his natural programming, Robert needed to go back in time, embrace the hurt and pain of his past and forgive his father. Robert accomplished this forgiveness process by writing a two-part emotional healing letter.

In the first part of the letter, Robert released his angry and hurt feelings towards his father on paper. As he continued writing, he found himself working through additional feelings of sadness when he described the type of relationship that he wanted with his father. In the second part of the letter, Robert’s father wrote an imaginary response that contained all the loving words that Robert needed to hear. After Robert truly forgive his father, the critical spirit that was driving his tendencies completely disappeared, and his God-given, natural programming was restored back to its original condition.

After Robert forgave his father through this letter-writing exercise, he was able to help his father break the same reoccurring cycle of sin from his grandfather. In this section of the seminar, the audience will be given the opportunity to forgive a person from the past. This 30-minute letter-writing exercise allows participants to identify areas of hurt from the past, revisit any repressed and negative emotions, surrender those situations to the Lord, and invite God’s love into their hearts.

Part V — After taking a short break, the seminar continues with a teaching about idolatry. Because Sacred Scripture compares the sin of idolatry to infidelity within a marriage, a reading from Ezekiel 16 is used to describe how God wants to enter into an authentic relationship with all of his beloved children. In addition to a reading from the Catechism of Catholic Church in section 260, other examples include the proper way to pray in communion with the saints. This section of the conference concludes with a prayer for participants to enter into an authentic relationship with the Blessed Trinity and to renounce all false gods and forms of idolatry.

In this six-hour conference, participants will learn how demonic spirits gain access to our lives through five common entrance points, and how we can drive evil out of our lives and sphere of influence in the name, power and authority of Jesus. When participants work in partnership with Jesus to accomplish the Lord’s will for their lives, they will experience a new-found love and joy for life, freedom from spiritual oppression, liberation from addictions and unhealthy relationships, and deeper emotional and physical healing in every aspect of their lives.


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