Health & Healing Seminars

The Healing Power Seminar begins with a video of Robert Abel’s car crash. When Robert was driving home from work one evening, a drunk driver veered into his lane of traffic. With only seconds to react, Robert hit the breaks and tried to maneuver around the obstacle, but there wasn’t enough time. After clipping the other vehicle, his car flipped upside down into an oncoming lane of traffic where he encountered a head-on collision with a school bus.

The impact was devastating. Just as Robert’s body was about to be shredded over the sharp edges of metal and glass, God appeared. Miraculously, the Lord’s angelic army ripped a hole in the side of Robert's car and rescued him from the near-death experience. A few seconds later, Robert found himself laying on the pavement next to his front tire. He suffered a broken collarbone, compound fractures, and damage to the ligaments and tendons in his knees. Because Robert didn’t have medical insurance, he found himself laying on his parent’s couch, crippled and unable to walk.

In the midst of his anger, pain, and hopelessness, Robert forced himself off his parent's couch a week after the accident and began to walk. It was through this act of endurance, faith being set into action, that the Lord miraculously healed his legs without surgery. A few days later, he was back behind the wheel driving.

Because all healing comes directly from God, it’s Robert’s goal during this seminar to help the audience enter into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Blessed Trinity. When members of the audence enter into a deeper and more profound relationship with Jesus, the Lord's healing power will automatically flow into thier lives. Robert describes this healing process in the seminar by sharing Scripture passages from Matthew 9:2022, Matthew 9:2830 and Luke 17:1519, along with other examples from his life when he invited Jesus into his life and heart. This two-hour seminar closes with prayers for physical healing where members of the audience invite Jesus into their lives and hearts.

Emotional Healing Seminar

The Emotional Healing Seminar begins with a teaching from Genesis 1:2627 that explains how we are created in the image and likeness of God. Because God would never create babies with a tendency toward sin, it’s safe to assume that if a man or woman is struggling with a gambling or pornography addiction, that person developed those tendencies as a young adult. The same would be true for our unhealthy fears. Because newborn babies are not scarred of bees, it’s safe to assume that if an adult is scared of bees, that person developed those fears in the past.

In order for a person who is scarred of bees to restore his or her natural, God-given programming, that person would need to go back into their past to identify a time when they were stung by a bee. Once a man or woman is able to embrace the hurt and pain from the past, that person can surrender the situation to the Lord, and invite God’s love and healing power into the void, deep within their hearts.

This emotional healing process can be easily accomplished in a three-hour seminar when Robert Abel shares his healing journey with an audience. In Robert’s situation, he wasn’t born with a critical spirit that was constantly pointing out other people’s faults. According to Sacred Scripture, Robert was created in the image and likeness of God. Robert developed a critical attitude from his father who was constantly pointing out all of his shortcomings.

Because Robert received a lot of negative criticism as a little boy, all of his father's hurtful words became repressed in his subconscious and changed his God-given, natural programming. To restore his God-given programming, Robert needed to go back in time, embrace the hurt and pain from his past and forgive his father. Robert accomplished this process by writing a two-part emotional healing letter.

In the first part of the letter, Robert released his angry and hurt feelings towards his father on paper. As he continued writing, he found himself working through feelings of sadness when he described the type of relationship that he wanted with his father. In the second part, Robert’s father wrote an imaginary response that contained all the loving words that he needed to hear. After Robert truly forgive his father, the critical spirit that was driving his tendencies was eliminated, and his God-given, natural programming was restored back to its original condition.

This three-hour seminar concludes with an Emotional Healing Letter Exercise where the audience is given the opportunity to write their own healing letters. Through this letter letter-writing process, participants will be able to break the root causes of their addictions, restore their God-given natural programming back to its original condition and experience a deeper and more profound relationship with Jesus.

Health & Healing Seminar

The Health & Healing Seminar
is based on a book written by Robert Abel entitled Living in the Garden of Eden. In this book, Robert describes a diet the Lord gave him for ultimate health. Even though the topic of nutrition is rarely mentioned in churches today, this topic is close to God’s heart because he cares about every aspect of our lives. A good example of God’s concern for the foods we eat comes from the eleventh chapter of Leviticus where God gave us a list of clean and unclean animal. God gave us this list because he doesn’t want us eating unhealthy foods and getting sick.

Because there are very few sources in the world today that are promoting a healthy diet from a Biblically-based, spiritual perspective, this seminar is extremely important. Not only can the information in this seminar prevent disease, but it also has the power to extend a person’s life. A good example of this comes from a World Health Organization statistic that predicts 20 percent of Americans will die from heart disease. Because most heart disease is caused by an unhealthy diet of too much salt and fat, a percentage of those people could extend their lives simply be changing their diets. In the same way, because growing percentage of Americans will die of cancer, a percentage of those people could save their lives by removing deadly toxins and preservatives from the foods they consume.

In this three-hour seminar, participants will learn five simple steps for ultimate health and nutrition, along with the benefits of a plant-based diet and simple ways to incorporate those changes into their lives. By following five simple steps outlined in this seminar, participants will be able to reverse deadly diseases, get off of their doctor-prescribed medications, experience a more peaceful night’s rest, have more energy, and live longer, healthier lives.


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